MELA Code of Ethics

All members of the Michigan Environmental Laboratory Association are committed to establishing and maintaining high standards of ethics and quality in our industry.  Member laboratories demonstrate their continuing commitment to ethics and quality by agreeing to:

  • Build on existing Association relationships with state and local agencies.  Promote open and timely communication between government regulators and the regulated community.
  • Increase client knowledge.  Educate clients regarding technical issues as well as their legal and ethical rights and responsibilities.
  • Train employees sufficiently.  Ensure minimum competency before allowing employees to perform sample preparation, chemical analysis or data generation.
  • Encourage all members of our industry to obey all pertinent federal, state and local laws and regulations.  Lead by example.
  • Maintain laboratory facilities, equipment and instrumentation adequately to ensure the accuracy and precision of measurements.
  • Elevate the status of all commercial environmental laboratories, their employees and the value of the services they perform.
  • Willingly submit to critical review through EPA and third party Performance Evaluation programs, agency audits and client challenges of data.
  • Accept work only when there exists a reasonable expectation that the client will gain something of value.  Satisfy all commitments to quality, timeliness and other project objectives.  Provide services in a confidential, honest and forthright manner and charge reasonable fees.
  • Legally and ethically manage laboratory waste.  Make responsible decisions regarding disposal, recycling, reuse and minimization.
  • Treat clients, employees and the environment with respect.  Operate facilities in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of employees and the public.


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